Paula Albino

I'm a designer

and also an Illustrator, Youtuber and dog lover


About me



Senior designer with 9 years of experience. 

I have worked with huge brands in Brazil as a designer like Petrobras, Iveco and Direcional Engenharia. For 6 years I worked in Plan B, the biggest advertising agency in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, with a great team and developing great projects and campaigns. In 2016 I became Head Designer working with the design and team helping them to improve our work.

Now I live in São Paulo and work at Work & Co, a global agency with a amazing team and developing great digital products for huge brands.

Also I have a personal project called Num Pulo (In a Jump) with Daniel Negreiros. It's a travel Youtube Channel and we visit and make beautiful and inspiring short videos about cities in Brazil and abroad. I'm dog lover and really enjoy drawing and illustrations. Get in touch!